Freedom & Purpose

As a young man growing up I kept on asking myself the same question over and over. Who Am I?

For a long time I did not have an answer, and there was no one around to help me find what I seek, so I decided to go on a journey of self discovery by completely dedicating myself to my biggest passion, which is growth. I started investing and growing in all areas of my life i was passionate about, like dancing, martial arts, self-development, books, traveling, music, painting, etc. Anything that sparked my flame, I went straight for it.

Even when everyone around me was telling that my vision was impossible, that I should stop dreaming and get a “proper” man job, I always felt guided and protected by a deep ancient wisdom. Even when there was a war in my country, embargo, inflation, no food or home, I always found a way, the strength in me to follow my path and purpose, no matter what.

During this amazing journey that began more than 20 years ago, I met so many amazing people who shared fully their gifts and wisdom which guided me closer and closer, step by step to my own unique self and true life purpose. The boy became a Man, and the Man became all that he wanted to be and do.

So, Who Am I ?

I Am, truly me, truly free.

In this course I will share with you the most powerful practices and wisdom which I use daily to reach all my goals. Together guiding you side by side, I will teach you how to embody your highest self, your inner warrior, the king, your lover.

Nemanja Sonero

Freedom & Purpose


  • The Power of Your Breath

    Everything starts with connection. Step-by-step through your breath, you will connect to your emotional and power centres. As you bring them in balance with your heart, the transformation begins.

  • The Intelligence Of Your Body

    This course will give you power and freedom to become light and one with the flow of life, not just physically, but emotionally. In relation to the people around us, how we deal and approach stress and understand what our body truly needs in any given moment.

  • Emotion In

    As we move, we become. Yet how we move in connection to ourselves and life, will decide W what we will become.

    The core intention of this course is to connect men deeper to their purpose and hearts through movement, while staying in connection to our breath.


  • Module 1: The Power of Breath

    It all begins with a breath. You will be guided through 5 powerful breath exercises which will help you connect deeper to your self and the power within you.

  • Module 2: Connection Through Your Body

    In this amazing practice, you will learn to listen to yourself in ways you never experienced before.

    Each part of your body has something to say, something to express, whether it's joy or pain, or simply sharing what it wants in that very moment. Once we hear, once we know its needs, we can act and move with it.

  • Module 3: Movement & Connection

    Our body is our temple and a reflection of how we take care of ourselves, not just externally, but internally too. In this module you will open up, soften your tissues and strengthen your core foundations through movement.

    From the head down to your toes, whilst maintaining a strong connection to your body and breath, I will guide you through a powerful daily practice which will fully support the path to your glorious self.


Nemanja Sonero

Nemanja Sonero is known as one of the most versatile and famous dancers and movements specialists from South East Europe.

Since a young age he’s been trained in various styles and systems by world renowned teachers and mentors. His true passion is movement Itself.

"To move, a world of endless possibilities for expansion and growth, an art form with no form, a true universal language."

20 decades ago he embarked on a journey of his own teaching, where he has shared his gift and passion with tens of thousands of students.

“When I look back, I see an incredible journey I've already lived. Yet, it feels like only the first chapter of this amazing book has been written.

We each hold the power of our own lives, the paper and pen is in our own hands, so let's write a good one.”

Nemanja Sonero


“Nemanja has many ways of teaching how to move more fluidly. In a private session I had the experience for the first time of connecting more my body more gently, moving my whole body. I found this very inspiring. In both classes and private sessions Nemanja creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere.”

High School Teacher

Petter Brox

“When I choose a teacher I always look for those qualities -> at least 10 years of experience, desire to help, love for his work and his students. Nemanja has it ALL. And he teaches movement not just by giving instruction on how to do the moves, but he really helps you to FEEL how you're supposed to move in the right way. In Nemanja's classes you learn connect to your own body and soul.”

Tennis Teacher

Alex Mango

“Learning something new is usually taking a lot of time and affords. However, if you meet a right person that provides you with main concepts of a subject your journey can be easy and exciting. I found this way of teaching – in progression from simple to complex, from basic ideas to sophisticated – very successful and stimulating my personal growth and professional development.”


Vyacheslav Akimov


  • Strengthen the bond between your body and mind, bringing flow and alignment into your life.

  • Be deeply connected to the power that resides within you and use it too manifest the life you desire.

  • Breathe fully and deeply into your body, feeling energised and present.

  • Have the tools to create a powerful daily practice for yourself.

  • Know how to understand the intelligence of your body and what it is communicating to you throughout the day.

A final message about this course

This course is created for every man who wishes to live a life of purpose, mission and ambition.

To serve others, first we need to learn to serve and take care of ourselves. Our bodies, our mind, our heart, our soul, all these elements in balance and in connection to each other is the true path to fully awakening the man that is inside us.

Embodying these practices into my daily life has completely transformed how I feel and see the world within me and all around me.

Life has become so much richer, and now with each conscious breath I take, I move forward into the infinite adventure of my life.

Through this course I will guide you to use a number of practical tools to awaken into your natural power and innate potential.

Let's Get Started!
A final message about this course


  • How long will this course take me to complete?

    The course is designed to be completed over 7-14 days.

    There is approximately 3.5 hours of video content, with most lessons taking 10-20 minutes.

    There is numerous homework assignments through this course as well as practice sessions.

  • Will this course work for me?

    This course addresses the fundamental insights required to start living more freely and authentically to you.

    The course itself cannot do anything for you, but you will be guided and supported through this course to make direct changes in your own life.

  • Is this the right course for me?

    This is the right course for you if you feel ready to make a change to leading a more true, ambitious and exciting life.

    This course will challenge your current perceptions and behaviours, inviting you to take a new approach to how you choose to create and live your life on a daily basis.

    If you feel excited about new possibility or frustrated with how things are currently going, then this is definitely the course for you.

  • Has this course worked for other people?


    Over the last few years I have personally coached, mentored and worked with a number of people to apply these same principles to their lives who are seeing results.

    It's not a question of "does this work?"

    I am teaching you the foundational principles to how life works. When you understand this and apply some basic changes, you will be the one to experience exactly what I speak of in this course.