What Is The Awake Man Academy?

Our Mission Is To Educate The Men Of The Future.

We are a global online education platform solely created for men's empowerment and self-mastery.

We offer dynamic courses that guide men to discover their freedom and purpose, turn their pain into power, and to boldly share their unique gifts with the world.

What Is The Awake Man Academy?

Inside the Awake Man Academy


    Get access to 10+ courses and classes designed to accelerate key areas of your life.


    Our courses are designed as a mentorship experience. You are guided through exercises, given challenges and taken to your edges of comfort.


    Access our world-wide community where you can connect with great men all over the world. We value tribe and make this a cornerstone of our platform.


"Educating The Men of Our Future"

Let's speak man-to-man for a second here...

Growing up in our society today kinda sucks.

We have no education on discovering our purpose, building financial freedom, having fun, making love or any of the things that really matter, like who we are and why we're really here.  

We're educated to find a job we don't like, whilst being forced to figure the rest out ourselves.

Most of us end up living in our heads, closed in our hearts and disconnected from our true ambition and potential. 

This kind of life is not what you're designed for and millions of men all over the world are beginning to seek out a deeper calling in life. 

This is no longer the time to settle for 'mediocre', but instead it's time to rise into something great. 

To support men who want to embark on this path, we created the world's first education platform solely dedicated to men's empowerment and self-mastery: A true modern day education for those who aren't willing to settle for the average life

We know that inside every man is purpose, wisdom, love and absolute greatness. 

And we also know that you literally hold the keys to your deepest heart's longing and wildest imaginations. 

This academy was created for men like you to be supported in discovering and remembering that for yourself.

As we began to free ourselves from the limitations of our own conditioning, finding our life's purpose and realizing our ability to create our own reality, we found that these are the keys so many men are looking for...

We decided to build this academy to give men the support we wished had existed when we began our journey of transformation. 

We truly hope that you find the support and guidance you're looking for within this academy.

Much love, 

Anthony Thompson & Daniel Wagner
Founders of The Awake Man Academy


Learn. Grow. Evolve.

Each course we produce within the Academy is designed with a clear and concise purpose, delivered in a compact, integrative experience.

You don't simply take in a bunch of great learning content, but you are actively engaged throughout each course and asked to immediately put core practices and exercises into action to experience life change far beyond new knowledge and ideas.

Simply said, we don't care what you understand in your head... we care how you're actually changing your life!

Learn. Grow. Evolve.


Is the Awake Man Academy for you?

  • You know that your life here on earth has meaning and purpose beyond your current experience and you are looking for support and guidance to make that happen.

  • You are aware that society is built on outdated paradigms that don’t serve you and you want to go about life in a new way.

  • You have the courage to lead your life, but you keep meeting your own barriers.

  • You want your life to be an epic adventure of possibility and you won't settle for anything less.


Your Journey Through The Academy


    The first step of your journey is an activation to remember what’s possible. You are far greater than you’ve been led to believe and you have innate wisdom and potential that is ready to be discovered.


    Break free of the layers of your own conditioning and cultivate a new relationship with yourself, your mind and emotions. This is where you start to access your true creative power.


    Leading your life as an embodied man. This is where your new revelations are manifest through your outer reality and you truly are the creator of your life.

Why Our Courses Work

  • Easy-to-digest lessons. Short, concise learning modules with specific practices to implement in your life.

  • Mentorship style courses. Experience an intimate, authentic learning environment even through your computer.

  • No BS material. We offer direct guidance from incredible mentors.

  • Global Community. Make new friends, take courses together and hold each other accountable to being great.

What some of our students are saying

“I lived what most people would define as a 'successful life', yet there was something deeper I was looking for. Through the guidance that I have received here, I've found a true joy and fulfilment that I would never trade anything for. ”

Strength Trainer | Ex Athlete

Ben Paneccasio

“This has been an indescribable journey for me, and I have personally grown at a rate which I never thought was possible. Not only have I achieved my goals, expanded my business and made more money but I now I live a more fulfilling, connected life within myself.”

Founder of Duffle and Co

Danny Pritchard

“LOVED the course on money and abundance. Benefiting immensely already and excited to see how it evolves as I apply these wonderful principles and practices daily.”


William Crowell

  • Academy Teachers

    After leaving university at 19, writing his first book at age 20, Anthony traveled all over the world in an intensive search to understand the depths of human consciousness and what it takes to awaken our true potential.

    Having worked with hundreds of people all over the world as a mentor & private coach, he has now channeled his work into The Awake Man Academy, providing foundational guidance for men to "wake up" to who they really are and lead their true mission in life.

    "There are foundational principles of life that when you really get them on a fundamental level, your whole life begins to alter course and the world becomes a playground of endless possibility. I believe everyone has a right to this experience."

    Anthony Thompson

    Modern Day Educator & Visionary | Co-founder of Awake Man Academy

    Anthony Thompson
  • Academy Teachers

    A visionary entrepreneur who spent the first part of his life in an international spiritual community seeking out life's greatest answers, followed by the next thirty years creating his own income and learning the ways of business.

    He founded multiple 7-figure businesses and brands and he is an active investor. He also has worked for 9 years in the corporate world building a worldwide training organisation.

    Daniel is the founder of Awake Business, where he developed a radical new approach to funding, founding and running a company for the 21st century.

    "One of my passions is to create a world where business is conducted ethically serving our collective evolution. The Awake Man Academy is a manifestation of this passion. That is why I am a seed investor and co-founder."

    Daniel Wagner

    Co-Founder of Awake Man Academy

    Daniel  Wagner
  • Academy Teachers

    Founder of Tribal Circles, Shaman Voice and Soundfulness. Coen has worked with people all around the world for over 25 years.

    He is trained and initiated in a profound body of work which goes very deep in healing, activation and personal embodiment.

    Coen's work is one of a kind and he is a 'no bullshit' facilitator and guides men to really discover the core essence of who they are.

    Inside the academy, Coen leads you through powerful ancient practices in his course 'Awaken Your Inner Warrior'.

    Coen Tuerlings

    Tribal Coach | Modern Day Shaman

    Coen Tuerlings
  • Academy Teachers

    Nemanja Sonero is known as one of the most versatile and famous dancers and movement specialists in South East Europe.

    He has dedicated the past twenty years of his life to exploring the art of movement. He now shares his gift and passion with ten's of thousands of students all over the world.

    Inside the academy Nemanja guides you to connect breath, body and mind to awaken your life force and connect with the true essence of yourself.

    "Movement offers a world of endless possibilities for expansion and growth, it is an art form with no form, a true universal language."

    Nemanja Sonero

    Movement Instructor

    Nemanja Sonero