A Shared Mission

In August 2019, the two of us met for what we believed would be a discussion around possibly starting a business together.

Over the course of five days, we realized there was a far greater vision that was calling us. This was the vision of Awake Man.

Neither of us expected this, and yet, it was so clear that life was "knocking on the door" and offering us a great task.

Since this moment, we have embarked on a truly profound journey together as brothers, that has brought us deeper and deeper to the core of who we are and why we're here.

A Shared Mission

Founding The Academy

Ultimately, we wanted to create a system of transformation that could help men to free themselves from the baggage and conditioning they hold, waking up to what’s really possible and their greater mission in the world.

Each of us have basically dedicated our lives to our journey of personal growth and transformation. It’s our longing for truth and the discovery of potential that unifies us as friends and partners in this vision.

In creating this academy, we wanted to make it dramatically more simple than it has been in our journey.

We have literally travelled all over the world, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, probably accumulated years in meditation between us, invested in coaches, mentors, seminars, retreats… you name it! All in the name of discovering what’s truly possible.

Throughout our time together, we have combined our experiences and insights to develop a system of learning that could take years off your personal journey of evolution.

We’re taken our own best insights, as well as those from a few other incredible teachers in the academy in order to bring to you a combination of the absolute best stuff we have discovered and received over these years.

It’s available now for a fraction of the cost and a millionth of the energy it has taken us to gain.

Founding The Academy


Four friends... Four brothers


Anthony Thompson

A young visionary with an enormous heart and profound courage.

From age 19, Anthony has dedicated his life understand the depths of human consciousness and what it takes to access our dormant intelligence.

He left university nine weeks in and began travelling all over the world where he met countless mentors, teachers and visionaries who led him to discovering the fundamental nature of human consciousness.

Everything he learnt in this journey, he put into practice into his own life, being his own test subject for the mind-bending knowledge he had discovered.

"There are foundational principles of life that when you really get them on a fundamental level, your whole life begins to alter course and the world becomes a playground of endless possibility. I believe everyone has a right to this experience."

Anthony Thompson


Daniel Wagner

A visionary entrepreneur who spent the first part of his life in an international spiritual community seeking out life's greatest answers, followed by the next thirty years creating his own income and learning the ways of business.

He founded multiple 7-figure businesses and brands and he is an active investor. He also has worked for 9 years in the corporate world building a worldwide training organisation.

Daniel is the founder of Awake Business, where he developed a radical new approach to funding, founding and running a company for the 21st century.

"One of my passions is to create a world where business is conducted ethically serving our collective evolution. The Awake Man Academy is a manifestation of this passion. That is why I am a seed investor and co-founder."

Daniel Wagner


Michal Vitek

When it comes to genius level human beings, Michal ranks right up there on the list. A walking encyclopedia & remarkable visionary, his presence on the team has taken us to another level.

How he ended up here at Awake Man is a truly phenomenal story.

Michal Vitek


Balder Eriksen

Named after a Norweigan God, Balder is basically the best friend anyone could ask for.

His role at Awake Man stretches far and wide, and he heads up most of our networking, key conversations and organises our events.

Balder Eriksen

"How the four of us found each other, let alone ended up living together and founding this vision is truly one of the most incredible stories.

It really is one of those impossible stories of synchronicity, perseverance and a few doses of straight up magic."