I want to help you to claim your freedom

For most of my life, I felt trapped. I longed for adventure and freedom, yet I felt insecure about who I am and my heart was full of suppressed desires, simply because I believed I was powerless to live the way I truly wanted to live.

It was always about making money, fitting it with the norm and constantly feeling that this just wasn't how it was meant to be.

At age 20, I started to dramatically alter the course of my life. I left university and moved to Australia where I took a leap into the unknown. This was a decision that led me to receive a true education. I began to receive mentorship from men that were living life the way I wanted to and began to open my mind to entirely new possibilities.

With the support I had, I started to discover more of who I really am and the power that I have within me to consciously lead and create my life.

I started to live in accordance with who I really am and what I really want. Since then, I have leapt into the true adventure of my life.

Over the past five years, I have discovered my own freedom, living out almost all my hearts desires and taught countless others to do the same.

From being an insecure, uncertain young man, I have now traveled all over the world, developed powerful relationships, lived out my purpose, built communities, found the woman of my dreams, created inspiring projects, lived in beautiful homes and so much more.

I have witnessed countless experiences of magic and miracles. I've truly seen that life can be created and manifested with relative ease and joy.

It's taken courage and a few leaps into the unknown, but I can truly say that I am a happy & free man that is the creator of his own life.

In this course, I will share with you the exact principles that changed my life and how you can apply them to your own.

This course will teach you to free yourself from the internal barriers that anchor you in a limiting experience of yourself and support you to truly create your life in the most inspiring way to you.

Anthony Thompson

Founder of The Awake Man Academy

I want to help you to claim your freedom


  • Upgrade Your Thinking

    Open your mind up to what is really possible. To live out a new reality, you must first realize what is actually possible in your life right now. This will be your first important insight from this course.

  • Embody The Fundamentals

    To truly start manifesting your desires and consciously create your life, all you need is the core fundamentals. When you actually embody these through your life, you can make massive leaps.

  • Live From Your Core

    We live in a mind-driven society where most people live from their head. A true connection with yourself is the foundation for you to unlock your capacity to consciously influence reality.


  • Module 1: Your Creative Gifts

    Understand the foundations for tapping into your ability to influence reality. Understand your creative gifts, how to use them and what it means to consciously create your life from the heart.

  • Module 2: Who You Are & Why You Exist

    It's time to really get clear about who you really are. You cannot create your life without a foundational understanding of yourself, why you're here and what is important to you.

  • Module 3: Upgrading Your Operating System

    It's time to consciously decide on what you are going to place at the foundation of your mind. You will be guided to shape your vision, values and how you intend to live.

  • Module 4: Architecting Your Life

    The power lies in what you are choosing. After your own direct understanding that life is responding to you, it is now about you solidifying your choice about what you are committing to in your life.

Modern Day Educator & Visionary

Anthony Thompson

After leaving university at 19, writing his first book at age 20, Anthony traveled all over the world in an intensive search to understand the depths of human consciousness and what it takes to awaken our true potential.

Having worked with hundreds of people all over the world as a mentor & private coach, he has now channeled his work into The Awake Man Academy, providing foundational guidance for men to "wake up" to who they really are and lead their true mission in life.

"There are foundational principles of life that when you really get them on a fundamental level, your whole life begins to alter course and the world becomes a playground of endless possibility. I believe everyone has a right to this experience."

Anthony Thompson

An experience that completely accelerated my life.

Whilst on a spiritual quest in India, I was hit with an experience of pure insight that shifted my financial world forever. 

I came to understand that life does not function in the ways that we have been led to believe. 

There are universal laws that govern every experience we can ever have. 

Most of us (me included), have absolutely no idea how to live in accordance with these foundational laws, and instead are run by a constant stream of thoughts in our head that are largely centered around personal insecurity, safety, survival with no real insight to the greater picture of our lives, who we really or what is actually possible. 

The insight that I received shook up my world so much, that I had to take on an entirely new way of living. 

I could no longer maintain my past fears, enormous financial scarcity or petty insecurities. 

I had realized what was possible, and I had to go out and live that in the world. 

The two years that followed this experience were the most extraordinary, transformational years of my life. I traveled all over the world and built my authentic dream. 

In this course, I share with you the same fundamental principles that changed my life, and how you can do the same.


  • Understand the core fundamental principles to consciously influence your life

  • Be connected with your core intentions for how you really want to live and create your life

  • Understand the path of change and the obstacles that cause most people to fall back into their old ways

  • Be committed to living a new way, that is aligned with your core desires and values.

  • Have core practices for creating your life consciously and deliberately


“I lived what most people would define as a 'successful life', yet there was something deeper I was looking for. Through this path I've walked with Anthony's guidance, I've found a true joy and fulfilment that I would never trade anything for. ”

Strength Trainer | Ex Athlete

Ben Paneccasio

“Working with Anthony has been an indescribable journey for me, and I have personally grown at a rate which I never thought was possible. Not only have I achieved my goals, expanded my business and made more money but I now I live a more fulfilling, connected life within myself.”

Founder of Duffle and Co

Danny Pritchard

“So much shifted in my life through working with Anthony. I considered myself to be a very 'conscious' and 'self-aware' person, but Anthony showed my the blindspots I simply could not see and provided guidance that created enormous ripples throughout my entire life.”

Business Developer at Google

Greg Ivanov

A final message about this course

I have designed this course in a way that your personal discovery doesn't simply remain as insightful knowledge, but true realization of possibility.

There is an epidemic in the world of personal growth in which people go from book-to-book, course-to-course, retreat-to-retreat without actually embodying and living that which they have discovered.

I can't stand this & it hurts me to see.

My own life has been a series of discoveries revealing to me the simplicity for what it really takes to live a powerful and authentic life.

I know that this process doesn't need to be difficult or for it to take years of you life.

Once you truly get these core insights, you cannot avoid living it in your daily life and experiencing the results.

I have structured all my work in a way that guides people to experience real insight for themselves so it can be directly applied to their own life.

I'm here to guide you to discover the truth within yourself so you can boldly embody a new possibility that totally shifts your experience of life.

A final message about this course


  • How long will this course take me to complete?

    The course is designed to be completed over 7-14 days.

    There is approximately 3.5 hours of video content, with most lessons taking 10-20 minutes.

    There is numerous homework assignments through this course as well as practice sessions.

  • Will this course work for me?

    This course addresses the fundamental principles that will allow you to influence your reality.

    The course itself cannot do anything for you, but you will be guided and supported through this course to make direct changes in your own life.

  • Is this the right course for me?

    This is the right course for you if you feel ready to make a change to leading a more true, ambitious and exciting life.

    This course will invite you to take a new approach to how you choose to create and live your life on a daily basis.

    If you feel excited about new possibility or frustrated with how things are currently going, then this is definitely the course for you.

  • Has this course worked for other people?


    Over the last few years I have personally coached, mentored and worked with a number of people to apply these same principles to their lives who are seeing results.

    It's not a question of "does this work?"

    I am teaching you the foundational principles to how life works. When you understand this and apply some basic changes, you will be the one to experience exactly what I speak of in this course.