During this Four Part Training You Will Discover

  • The foundational keys to consciously designing and manifesting your life

  • The simple basis of reality is actually designed for you to be able to create and design your experience

  • How you can begin living with your more freedom, flow and purpose

  • How to go beyond your own ideas of scarcity and realise the true freedom you have to create your life

  • How you can accelerate your life's journey through accessing your purpose and passion right now

Some Core Aspects of This Training

  • Direct, no-bullshit insights to creating your reality

    What I share in this class is the exact same insights that I have discovered and applied in my own life. These are the exact insights that have helped me travel the world, live life on my terms and experience an absolutely magnificent life.

  • Understanding the true design of the law of attraction in your own life

    The law of attraction is at work all the time in your life. How to properly use it? That is the question most people have no answer idea about. Understand this, and it can change your life forever.

  • 7-day create your reality challenge

    After this free training, I share a 7-day challenge to apply these insights immediately into your own life. During this challenge, you will utilise one my favourite tools for building my life from the inside out.

Becoming a Powerful Creator of Your Reality

Most of us assume ourselves to be separate from life and therefore a victim to life. 

In this state, our only means to improve our life is through effort and will. 

It is simply a matter of time + energy = change. 

This formula is outdated. 

The new understandings of reality and physics is rapidly causing us to shift our approach to building our lives. 

We are starting understand the significance of our own thoughts, perception and energy as a cause in our own lives. 

It was this fundamental shift in understanding that accelerated the trajectory of my own life. As I came to apply some of these core understandings, I saw things start to change in pretty awesome ways... 

I started living my life as an adventure instead of struggle. 

Opportunities came my way, new relationships formed, even my own businesses came together. 

I totally saw how reality was much more malleable than I previously believed. 

I saw my life change in front of my eyes, when I made changes within myself. 

This wasn't just an idea in my head, it became my direct experience of life. 

I truly believe that every single person has within them the exact same ability to create and influence their own life. 

This class is an opportunity for you to start to discover that capacity within yourself. 

I truly hope that this supports you in your life, and I truly hope that you find the wisdom to be able to create your own life that way you truly wish for it to be. 

Enjoy the class and I look forward to hearing from you on the other side. 


Anthony Thompson

After leaving university at 19, writing his first book at age 20, Anthony traveled all over the world in an intensive search to understand the depths of human consciousness and what it takes to awaken our true potential.

Having worked with hundreds of people all over the world as a mentor & private coach, he has now channeled his work into The Awake Man Academy, providing foundational guidance for men to "wake up" to who they really are and lead their true mission in life.

"There are foundational principles of life that when you really get them on a fundamental level, your whole life begins to alter course and the world becomes a playground of endless possibility. I believe everyone has a right to this experience."

Anthony Thompson


“I lived what most people would define as a 'successful life', yet there was something deeper I was looking for. Through this path I've walked with Anthony's guidance, I've found a true joy and fulfilment that I would never trade anything for. ”

Strength Trainer | Ex Athlete

Ben Paneccasio

“Working with Anthony has been an indescribable journey for me, and I have personally grown at a rate which I never thought was possible. Not only have I achieved my goals, expanded my business and made more money but I now I live a more fulfilling, connected life within myself.”

Founder of Duffle and Co

Danny Pritchard

“So much shifted in my life through working with Anthony. I considered myself to be a very 'conscious' and 'self-aware' person, but Anthony showed my the blindspots I simply could not see and provided guidance that created enormous ripples throughout my entire life.”

Business Developer at Google

Greg Ivanov